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'The sessions have helped me to find clarity and peace and empowered me to transform self limiting beliefs,' Maureen


My session with Jade was peaceful, informative and beautiful. I had no idea an hour and a half could fly by. Each step of the way, I was gently coached through and felt fully supported. I feel blessed to have had this divinely timed appointment with Jade, I value everything we spoke about and know it is a major part of my transformation.

Jade is a remarkable and devoted healer.  Her compassion, insight and wisdom have provided me with invaluable guidance and groundbreaking 'Aha!' moments.  The Psych-K® Method just works, quickly and effortlessly.  I am in awe of this process, and unendingly grateful to Jade.

Brandy, Canada

Georgina, South Africa

Jade is a highly skilled Practitioner with a real passion for her work.  Her expertise and deep intuition mean she has an uncanny precision when delving into the root of the matter.  The sessions have helped me to find clarity and peace and empowered me to transform self limiting beliefs, giving me the courage to trust in the beauty of the next forward movement.

Jade is fantastic, her ability to listen, understand and get to the bottom of my issues is incredible.  I felt very safe as there is no judgement and she has endless patience!  The process is fascinating and it was strange to see things change so fast!  I really enjoyed the experience and am so grateful.

Maureen, Ireland

Amy, Ireland

After one session with Jade I felt an almost immediate shift within myself. I felt calmer and more positive about my body and my weight.  Jade has a very kind and gentle approach which made me feel safe and comfortable.  I look forward to our next session!

Kate, South Africa

I felt Jade's delicate but precise perception from the moment our session started. Her ability to gently guide me through the process made it an undaunting and enjoyable journey. The shifts and changes happened gradually over a number of sessions and I'm now embarking on some exciting new endeavours!

Jill, Ireland

I had a session with Jade recently which has had a very positive effect on my worklife as a freelance journalist. In our session, I gained a deeper insight into what is holding me back in my career, and she opened a safe space where I could begin to understand what I need to do to free myself from inner obstacles. My experience with Jade was liberating, challenging and empowering, and I have since then found myself both more confident and creatively daring in my pursuits.

Sonya, Switzerland

ג'ייד מדהימה! לכל אורך התהליך היא הייתה מאוד קשובה אליי, לצרכים שלי, לרצונות שלי, לקצב שלי. היא ליוותה אותי בתוך התהליך ברגישות גדולה, בהבנה ורוגע. התהליך עצמו מעצים ומרגש, הרגשתי איך הגוף שלי נרגע ומתמסר לג'ייד ומנחה אותה בדיוק מה צריך לקרות ומה נכון לי באותו הרגע. הטיפול עזר לי מאוד להתגבר על דברים שהיו לי קשים במשך הרבה שנים וזה פשוט שחרר אותי! ממליצה בחום ובאהבה!!!

Yuval, Israel

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