Modern Dancers

You are meant for something more, something bold

and beautiful,

something that will make a real impact in this world.

But you find yourself stuck.

Stuck on the edge of the cliff, nudging yourself to take the leap . . . 
sure that you are meant to fly.

And still you are stuck. 

You have tried everything. 

Pushing yourself.

Coaxing yourself. 

And still you are stuck. 


Feet firmly planted on the ground.

Unable to move. 

S E L F   S U R V I V A L

  • Imagine you were able to look at your stuck self with the same compassion you see your young child. 

  • Imagine you are able to deeply understand that the ways you are holding yourself back, are actually the ways that you are keeping yourself safe. Your self sabotaging behaviour, is actually SELF SURVIVAL.  Your protection, your security, your safety. 

  • Imagine you are able to meet this shadow version of yourself, with pure compassion, and understand the gift she has to offer you. 

  • Imagine you are able to identify the core insecurity, this deep wounding you are holding on a core level. 

  • And then imagine you shifting it in an instant. 

This is in Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival 2018_edited_edited.jpg

What  is Quantum  Healing?

We have been taught that healing has to be long and complicated.


So often we grit our teeth and think, “if I work really, really hard, eventually, over time, I won't have these patterns anymore.”


This mentality requires a lot of effort. 


The truth is, everything can change in an instant. 

Healing doesn’t have to be hard, arduous, or time consuming. 


We all have access to a power that is so much greater than what we can possibly understand. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated . . .  we just have to be ready. 


Because once you are ready, you can let anything go in an instant, with grace and ease. . . so that you can experience more and more momentum.

What to expect?

In our time together, we focus on creating safety in your body. 

Being and feeling safe, is the essence of the work. It is only once you have been able to move out of a triggered state of trauma, that your body, your being, will be ready and able to shift from freeze to motion. 

In this container, we will follow your direction.    Looking at the trauma and sub conscious programming that is holding you back from this life, past lives or ancestral trauma 

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Jade, the dancer who couldn't dance

I have always been in love with dance.  At the age of three I started ballet.  And I danced daily until my twenties.

And then I didn't anymore. Or more accurately, I couldn't.   LITERALLY.

My desire, love and passion for dance were still there.  But I could not make myself dance!  

At first I started making excuses.  And then I started with the personal judgements. Until, eventually, I just gave up, even though I knew how life changing dance was for my being. 


I didn't understand that I was suffering from Complex Post Traumatic Stress. 

Trauma upon trauma, compounded on top of each other.  Never being given the space, that my sensitive being really needed to process.  


And my response, inside each traumatic event, was to freeze. Over and over again. And with each experience the fear for my safety compounded, until I was terrified. FROZEN inside and out. 

And I refused to dance, because that is the thing brings me into my body. That is the thing that makes me feel.  And feeling was too much for me.  Feeling was not safe.  Until finally I cracked. 

Panic attacks, anxiety, adrenal fatigue and an overstimulated nervous system. 
Something had to change. Everything HAD to change. And it did. 

I moved countries and into the countryside.  I chose a quiet life.  And piece by piece, very slowly, I allowed myself to heal.  Showing up daily to do the inner work.  Searching and learning new ways to find relief. 

Until finally, I found my way home to dance.  Home to my body.  And into momentum. And although it took me years, I now know that it doesn't have to be that way. 


You do not have to disappear into isolation to find yourself anew.  When you are ready, you can shift and change, in an instant.  You can blast through really big obstacles in your life, in moments. 

All it requires is for you to look with loving compassion at the parts of yourself that are broken.  Finding the gift it has to offer you. 

And then use a little bit of Quantum Healing Magic!


When you can find the compassion and tenderness to meet your shadow with love,

you will always be blessed with the most magnificent gifts.

Image by Jr Korpa