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I identify as Jade, a sovereign being.  A mother, lover, witch and a coach.  

In my journey of answering my soul's desires, it is no longer possible for me to keep myself small. 

I unashamedly own my truth and my magic. 

Meet Jade

For many years I put my family and my friends aside.  But mostly I put my own needs and desires aside.   My focus and attention was almost solely on my job working on Hollywood feature films.  Convinced that measuring up to conventional markers of success meant that I was on the right path.  

It took ten soul crushing years before I had the courage to quit. 


Showing up in that masculine world for so long meant that I could no longer access my tears.  My sensitivity, which I suspected to be my greatest gift, was locked so far away, it took me years to decondition and reconnect to myself, my soul and my Goddess. 

One thing became glaringly clear, I was ignoring my soul's purpose.  I had always known that I should work with others.  Every time I encountered a new healing modality on my own journey, I would study it.  Certain it would help my step into the world, to do the work I was meant to do. 


To answer the call of my soul!


Until finally I understood that THIS IS THE WORK.  Constantly questioning and aligning my life, IS my life's work.  But it is also the service I am here to offer. 

My journey has been many things.  Some of it has moved effortlessly and other times it has been like walking through mud. But there has always been learning and now I work with a combination of powerful modalities, that I share with my clients.

Magic mixed together with

Akashic Records for divine guidance

Energy Work to push through resistance and release old stories

Psych K® to dissolve limiting beliefs

Somatics to connect to the messages of the body

Meditation and Intuition to hear the whispers of the soul

Ritual and Ceremony to bring back connection to the divine in everyday life

I call this quantum healing.  

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