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Helping you feel safe
inside your body, 
so that
you can feel your feelings

We are conditioned to believe that we are not in control of our own healing.  That healing takes time, something offered to us by another.  

The reality is that we are born to heal.  It is an innate knowing on a cellular level, cut your finger and it HEALS.  


It is time for us to claim back the wisdom of healing.  To unlearn and remember.  To realise that healing can be as instantaneous as we are willing to ALLOW it to be. 

Trauma Release

Trauma shows up as stuck and stagnant energy in

your body, holding you back from accessing your

dreams and desires.

I work with trauma on a spiritual

and energetic level.


I hold sacred space and open doorways for YOU to release your trauma with ease and grace, so that you can create momentum in your life and follow your dreams. 


The Akashic Records are a vibrational record of a Soul's existence

In this divinely guided session you will have the opportunity to receive answers directly from your highest self and your guides of the light.


My journey from 'successful' Film Production Manager to satisfied and joyful barefoot Mama Witch has been intense, to say the least.

But at this point, listening and following the desires of my heart is unquestionable.  And so, in the middle of a international pandemic I moved my family (including a 4 month old baby) to a new country, Portugal. 

We live in a mud house, grow our veggies and my beautiful boys run around naked in the sun and dust. 


I have never been happier.



Jade is a remarkable and devoted healer.  Her compassion, insight and wisdom provide me with invaluable guidance.

Georgina, South Africa

Her expertise and deep intuition mean she has an uncanny precision when delving into the root of the matter. 

Maureen, Ireland

Jade is a calm, wise and very emphatic practitioner, and I feel safe and held during our sessions.

Julia, Switzerland

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