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When you are ready, I can open doorways and portals, with an invitation for you to walk through.  And you will be different on the other side.  You will be changed. 

My approach to healing has required a huge amount of UNLEARNING, remembering and reclaiming my birthright. 

My ability to heal myself.

Trauma Release

If you are looking to clear trauma that is stuck, stagnant in you body, holding you back from accessing your dreams and desires, I would love to work with you. 

I work with trauma on a spiritual and energetic level.  

I am not a therapist. 
I am not a psychologist. 
I am not a psychiatrist. 

I hold sacred space and open doorways for YOU to release your trauma with ease and grace, so that you can create momentum in your life and follow your dreams. 

In my ten years of deep diving into this work, my own trauma and others,  I have found other approaches to healing that are profound, precise, graceful and instantaneous, if you are ready. 




I keep hearing the song of Trevor Hall repeating in my head. 

"You can't rush your healing" 

The continuation of that is . . . but when you are ready, you can heal in an instant. 

Your story will be the same. 

Your situation will be the same. 
Your life will be exactly as it was before. 

But, YOU will be different.  And so . . .

You will feel differently about your story.
You will make different decisions. 
You will attract a different reality.  

I gained a deep insight into what is holding me back in my career.


Jade opened a safe space where I begin to understand what I need to do to free myself from inner obstacles. My experience with Jade was liberating, challenging and empowering, and I have since then found myself both more confident and creatively daring in my pursuits.

Sonya, Sweden

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