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 A guided journey to your Akashic Records

It is your birthright to access your Akashic Records

All you need is a desire to remember. 

Image by Marcus Dall Col

Your Akashic Records are just that. 

They are yours.  

Just as the memories you have in this life belong to you,

so, the Akashic Records are your memories from other lives. 

They are a record of all the experiences, feelings and wisdom you have gained throughout the existence of your Soul. 

And they are yours to remember.

Do you long for a deeper connection to yourself?

  • Do you feel lost?  Unsure if you are moving in the right direction.

  • Do you wish to connect to the knowing and wisdom of your soul, with certainty, so that you can live the life you are longing to live? 

  • Are you ready to explore all the ways that you are holding yourself back?

  • Do you want to understand the experiences you have had in past and future lives, that need to been seen to be released? 


  • Do you want to know what it feels like to be truly seen? 

    All this is available to you, if you choose to access your Akashic Records. 

Image by Dyu - Ha
Image by Kristjan Kotar

This guided journey.

This is not a masterclass or a workshop or a course. 

This is a journey. 

A journey that you choose to embark on.  And that I commit to hold loving safe space for. 

I am not here to teach you how to access the records.  I am not here to tell you any absolutes about this experience. 

It is your experience and you can do it on your own...
but you don't have to.

If you desire,  I commit to holding a gentle, safe space for you to explore. 

I will show you tools and techniques that I have found helpful on my journey of remembering. And I will share techniques that others find useful. 

I will be with you as you learn to explore and enquire and trust with more and more certainty. 


Until one day you will realise that you are flying. 



But I don't believe I can.

Limiting beliefs and past life traumas are often the main reason why we struggle to access the Records.


I am not spiritual enough.

I am not a channel.

If my family and friends knew they would outcast me.

I have been persecuted in other lives for my spiritual and healing abilities. 

All of these are very good reasons, not to access the Records. But that doesn't mean you can't. 

If you feel you hold some kind of resistance, we can book a personal 1:1 session where we discover and shift these beliefs you are holding.

What to expect?

  • We will meet once a week for 4 weeks, via zoom.
    13th October to 10th November


  • Each session will be recorded and replays made available. 


  • There will be an online community for those on this journey to connect, share wisdom and practice reading for others. 


  • As an additional bonus, you will have access to the Akashic circle practice meet ups, that take place bi-monthly.

  • An optional extra, 1:1 session where we look at your personal limitations and traumas that stand in the way of you accessing your Records.

Image by Christopher Campbell


The first time I entered the records, I heard nothing. 

But as I tuned into the sensations of my body, I could feel my fingers swelling, my whole body was expanding, gently, and effortlessly.  

I felt myself dissolving. 


Not like I was dissolving into nothing, but rather I was dissolving into everything. 


I was returning home. 


Back to source, free from all the separation I had ever experienced. Safe and at peace. 

And from this moment, the Akashic Records has been an integral part of my life, my growth and my work.  It is the way that I connect to myself.  It is the way that I connect to my guidance.  And it is the way that I help my clients feel truly seen and validated.

To live my life in connection with my records is to live a life in alignment with my soul and my purpose. 

And it is with deep gratitude and honour, that I answer this call of my Soul, to guide you on this journey. 

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Allow me to guide you on this bold and magnificent journey of deep self love. 

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