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The first time I entered the records, I heard nothing.  But as I tuned into the sensations of my body and I could feel my fingers swelling, my whole body was expanding, gently, and painlessly.  

I felt myself dissolving.  Not like I was dissolving into nothing, but rather I was dissolving into everything. 

I was returning home.  Back to source, free from all the separation I had ever experienced. 

Safe and at peace. 


If you are called to work with me, I will gently guide you into the records where I can act as a channel between you, your higher self and your guides of the light. Allowing you to receive divinely guided messaging straight from the universe. 



The Akashic records, as I understand them,  are a vibrational record of a soul's existence, throughout time. An invaluable wealth of knowledge, directly from source.

Everyone's experience in the records is different, but mostly, my clients experience a sense of acknowledgment that what they have always know in their hearts to be true, is true.  A validation of a heart's desire.  Permission to be exactly who they are born to be.


My session with Jade was immensely transformative.  She has a very calming, warm presence.


In one session I went from nervous/anxious, too feeling lit up, grounded and ready to take actionable steps. 

I am so SO incredibly grateful for my experience with Jade and plan to work with her again in the future.  

Elizabeth, USA

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