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What rises up for you, when you think of desire? Of wanting? 


Does the word desire feel sleazy or icky? 

Do you fear that your desires will cause suffering and pain to the ones you love? 


Does connecting to your desire make you feel selfish and self-centered? Monstrous even? 


Do you struggle to know what you really want? Does connecting to your desire feel murky or confusing?

Do you feel like, if you open to your desire, it might consume you? That maybe it will take over your life and ruin you? 

Does desire feel scary? Evil, even? 


Are you afraid that wanting is a rejection of what is? That it might be fundamentally bad because it is a way of turning away from the present moment and God? 

Do you feel that you need to sacrifice your desire to be close to God/the Universe?


Imagine . . .

  • if you really knew what you wanted, from moment to moment, and it felt safe to act on that? 

  • if you could fully access and embrace your desire.

  • if your desire brought you deeper into your connection to the divine

  • if you could truly know that your desire is divine?

  • if you could live your life, following your desire becoming more and more connected to your true nature.  


This is what it means to manifest your

dreams into reality.

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What  is  Quantum  Healing?

We have been taught that healing has to be long and complicated.


So often we grit our teeth and think, “if I work really, really hard, eventually, over time, I won't have these patterns anymore.”


There is a lot of effort required for that mentality!  As we strive for personal development, it is easy to go into overdrive..and often perfectionism shows up too.  


The truth is, everything can change in an instant. 

Healing doesn’t have to be hard, arduous, or time consuming. 


We all have access to a power that is so much greater than what we can possibly understand. 


Quantum Healing allows us to draw down the power of the Universe, like a laser beam.  We can point it at whatever we are ready to release or integrate. 


It doesn’t have to be complicated . . .  we just have to be ready. 


Because once you are ready, you can let anything go in an instant. Your life can radically transform and quickly.


Your body has a deep knowing, an innate wisdom.  Quantum Healing is accessing the deep knowing of your own body, and then accessing the deep infinite power of the Universe. 


Think about it like this: You’ve been carrying around a backpack full of rocks your entire life.  And you've been working SOOO hard to remove one rock a year.   Your load gets a little lighter but it still fucking sucks. 


Quantum Healing is like taking the whole backpack off. 


Jade and Kyley are both deep healers-- two people who can guide you in grace and ease into a new reality…. so that you can experience, joy, ease, and abundance.


What is included in this quantum healing workshop?

  • We will meet five times, from Dec 27 -31, for 90 minutes, to dive deep into the themes of desire, belief, and YOU


  • Replay recordings


  • Daily oracle card reading and journal prompts 


  • ​Private facebook group, for integration and support

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I spent decades of my life trying, desperately, constantly, to be GOOD. Good-enough for love, for approval, for success, for safety. Good-enough to finally earn what I really wanted. 


And in the process, I spent years actively rejecting the parts of myself that I deemed bad. And the center most “bad” figure? The me who WANTED. She was the monster I feared most of all. The woman who was hungry for a life of abundance, sensual joy, chaotic glee, play, purpose, mystery. The woman who wanted to be powerful in her own fucking life, to command and surrender in equal measure to the flow of the universe. 


I was terrified of her wanting; my own desire was enemy number one, and I was constantly trying to modify and mollify. I was convinced that if I let her out, if I truly unleashed my own desires on my life, she'd consume everything in her wake.

Some of the ways this showed up: 


  • People pleasing (If you think I’m good, maybe it will be true), 

  • Guilt for resting, playing or indulging (If I want it, it must be bad.)

  • A constant narrative about my “too much-ness” (If I can only contort myself into smaller and smaller bits, I’ll keep the monster, with her hunger, at bay) 

  • An inner task-master, with long to-do lists, a lengthy self-development road map that would lead me to my eventual GOOD-enough state (because, of course, self-development can often be perfectionism in disguise).


What finally broke through this pattern? (Aside from putting myself in the capable hands of my beloved friend Jade.) I finally started to make peace with my inner, hungry, desirous monster.


And it turns out she’s quite a lovely monster! 


When I stopped trying to wrestle my wants into submission, it did not destroy my life. Instead it lead me to greater capacity for joy, stronger sense of purpose, more space for play with my tiny humans, and an ease about simply BEING in my own life.


There was a time in my life where I thought,  NO, I felt, in every fibre of my being, that my desire would bring pain and suffering.  That my desire in itself was evil.  


I was sure that in order for me to be the good girl, that I was destined to be, I needed to forgo my desire.

To live a life of sacrifice.  

To trim the edges off my ability to feel.  

To numb myself to the experience of life.

And yet, I simultaneously believed that the purpose of this human journey is to experience life in its fullest.  
To be in this body of senses and engage with the world on a sensory level. 


To deny my desire meant denying this experience. To deny my body. To deny life itself.


It is only in the acceptance of my pain and suffering that I fully allow myself to be in my body.  To live a life through my body and to fully accept my desire.


And this is not to say that my desire causes my pain and suffering, but rather an understanding that they are two sides of the same coin.  And in accepting the one I allow the other.

My process of shifting my reality from  ‘My desire is evil.’ to . . . ‘My desire is pure and it brings joy and fulfilment.’ has been one of the most profound paradigm shifts of my journey.

I now have access to more and more joy and pleasure.  But more than that, I have access to what it is that I want.  Something I never allowed myself to explore before. 


It is not possible to understand your dreams, never mind bring them into reality, without being in touch with your desire.


I can’t wait to share this work with you.  That it may change you forever, with grace and ease, just as it has changed me. 

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Desire is our life-force energy.    It is how our soul tells us YES. 

When we allow desire the space to bloom,
it will lead us, every time, to the transcendence of being both human and divine.