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Discover and answer the call of your soul.



The sessions I offer, are a combination of divinely guided messages, directly from your Akashic Records, as well as quantum light and love healing, facilitated by your highest self and your guides of the light.


I have always been a seeker, my focus has often shifted, but truly I have been seeking a way home.  I have been searching for the path that leads me towards the life that my soul intended, I have been trying to find a way to live a life that is truly aligned.  And while I am sure that this journey will always continue, I am happy to say that I have learnt some incredible tools to help me on my way.

My connection with Psych-K® was spontaneous, coincidental, or even divinely guided, whichever way you prefer to look at it. I find it to be a powerful tool that has helped me create a much greater sense of peace, joy and contentment in my life.  But in entering my own Akashic Records I was able to surrender to the expansiveness of  my being. And since then I am able to hear and answer the call of my soul. 

The shifts in my personal life have been both very profound and beautifully subtle.  I am constantly in awe of the depth of this work and it is with great gratitude that I facilitate these sessions.

Image by Dawid Zawiła